November’s Health = Wealth: Curbing Social Media Addiction

Last month, I started my monthly series on Health = Wealth by noting some of the things I do to curb Seasonal Affective Disorder. At the end of that post, I set myself a goal to reset my morning habits by showering first thing, as soon as I get out of bed, in the hopes that this will help with not feeling like I’m wasting so much time in the morning. Here’s how that went:

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Trinity College (John W. Graham) library

Trinity college federated with UofT in 1904 making it the third undergraduate college to comprise UofT.  This post continues my exploration of the undergraduate college libraries at the University of Toronto, which includes previous visits to the University College Library and the Victoria College Library.

Since we are now nearing the end of the fist term, the libraries are getting more and more busy.  This post is written after three attempts at visiting the library to take pictures and finding it too full of people to do so.  I eventually had to wake up early and come down to campus first thing on a Saturday morning.

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Frustrating supermarket tactics that drove me to shop elsewhere

As any frugal person knows, the trickiest thing is to find a balance between time spent and money saved.  This is why frugality looks so different depending on the person.  In my current neighbourhood, I have the option of shopping at a middle-of-the-road (sometimes fancy) grocery store (Loblaws) that’s only a 10 minute walk away and en route from home to work (it’s right next … Continue reading Frustrating supermarket tactics that drove me to shop elsewhere

Mini Minimalist List: October 2018

In an attempt to encourage my minimalism, I’ve been continuing to log everything going in and out of my apartment.  Looking back at last month’s post, however, it occurred to me that there were a few things that I bought in that were unaccounted for: As part of my husband’s farewell gifts from old co-workers, we also brought in a drinking glass, a decorative wooden … Continue reading Mini Minimalist List: October 2018

UofT: University College (UC) Laidlaw Library

For the next little while, my posts will form a series profiling the libraries associated with each of the affiliated undergraduate colleges at the University of Toronto.  I’m starting with University College since this was the original college.  It’s also one I’m particularly familiar with since I was a UC student during my undergrad years.

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October’s Final Friday Frugal Five

As mentioned in my post from last week, I’m in the process of devising a monthly rotating schedule of blog topics.  Since starting this blog, I’ve seen a number of other bloggers post updates listing five frugal things they did recently, often posting every Friday. (Some of my favourites are : The Frugal Girl, Tread Lightly Retire Early, and The Lazy Frugal.)  I wanted to adopt this idea, but change it into a monthly rather than a weekly endeavour, and intend to post about it on the last Friday of every month.

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